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Monday, April 05, 2010

New Faces (from this week's newsletter)

Fool's Day Parade was a smashing success. Thanks to everyone who showed up to see Porkchop Fancypants, Kosuke spinning, and the Easy Leaves! What a blast!

You may notice that I'm not behind the bar 100% of the time anymore, just 90% of the time. Many of you may not realize, but our pub is actually run by an intricate system of robots, hamsters, gears, cogs, and sprockets-- all meticulously interconnected in the basement-- which all require close monitoring, occasional servicing, and frequent feeding. To that end, I've given myself ample time to tend to the business of business. Fortunately, for the Tues-Thurs that I'm not behind the bar, you will find one of two new people.

One of which is Eric. Eric is an extremely talented chef who previously worked over at Starlight, my favorite restaurant in Sonoma county, besides my own. He's the big dude with the tattoos on his arms and the same brand of abrasive charm which I've been accused of wearing. He's pretty rad, and has a bar shift or two, and cooks a lot of your delicious food.

The other is Noah G. Not to be confused with Noah B., which is me. I don't hire people on the basis of name alone, but, let's face it, most Noah's are awesome. He is a Sharks fan and a craft beer geek like me. He wears glasses, making it easier to tell us apart. Some people think the G in is name stands in for "glasses". It doesn't. It stands for awesome.

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