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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For the first time in over a year and a half, I'm writing from the inside of my own restaurant. Usually, slinging pints and chatting up the locals prevents me from setting up my laptop; yet here I am, on my "day off", bellied up to the bar. Usually, I'd be home sitting on lazy couch.

Have you ever been to IKEA? IKEA is full of Rivigs, Blabbarsnoofl, Glimma, and of course, Beddinge. Like most, I can't read Swedish. I know perilously little about Sweden, other than the fact that their rivers and bordering oceans are filled with gummy red fish, which taste like fake raspberries. One other thing that they do well is make, or at least design, flat-pack furniture at an absurdly low price. Such was the case when we were looking for a sofa. Looking for a sofa usually entails endlessly sitting on various models and designs, in search of sublime posterior comfort, however, this was our... SECOND couch. Yes, at the time, we lived in such a large abode, that two couches were necessary. Truth told, it was a futon which would double as a bed for the guest room which was the object of our search. We decided to sacrafice comfort for combination of cost and versatility, and edded up with Beddinge. forward to the present. Currently we live in a very, very tiny rental which would not fit our previous, luxurious couch. We have made Beddinge our MAIN sofa. Beddinge is not comfortable. Beddinge is Swedish for "Ow, my ass."

Beddinge opens up into a bed.

We've only recently remembered this fact, and began leaving Beddinge in said open position, hence, "Lazy Couch"

On a day like this, I'd be sitting on lazy couch, drinking a beer, while Mir feeds me grapes and fans me with palm fronds, as strains from classical Wagner permeate the house.

Today, I'm shadowing. Shadowing sounds like ninja activity, but, in fact, involves me micromanaging our newest staff member, Eric. Eric will be helping out in the bar, and moreso in the kitchen in the coming months. But enough about Eric, let's focus on me. Though it may seem merely an incredibly verbose way of stating the obvious, this fascinating rambling does have a point.

I'm on the other side of my bar. I'm on my laptop. I'm blogging about blogging at my bar. And that's pretty cool.

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