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Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Eve at the Tavern!

Come ring in 2010 with your Tavern! The Easy Leaves will be playing day and night, and we'll have a special. Duck. You know, Duck, they're delicious. mmm. Ducks. 

This year has been manic. In the blink of an eye, the year has already gone past.
2010 included:
Some amazing beer. Our roster has included some pretty far out brews from lands far, far away (like Delaware, which I'm still not entirely convinced actually exists).
Double shifts. Mir has been in the kitchen for doubles nearly every Saturday and Sunday in the past several months. She cooks like a pro, which is fairly incredible for an illustrator / graphic designer / kitten herder.
A top notch chef. Mike has really bring our specials to the next level. His dishes are comfortable and exciting at the same time. Talking food with Mike is one of my great daily pleasures.
Great help. Tish really stepped up while I was injured and the bar was as it was when I left it. Our serving staff has also been great, and are the subject of frequent compliments, postcards, and I believe a reality show is in the works.
A difficult economy. Everyone is saving, and spending what little money they have on necessities. Luckily, beer is a necessity for some, and we have managed. We appreciate the continued patronage of our regulars, semi-regulars, irregulars, and down-right nutcases which grace our stools and seats. Costs go up but we've managed to keep our menu 100% below 15 dollars, and will do our best to continue so.
Amazing music. We've had great bands this year, from weekly fave Jen Tucker, K-BOB, and monthly regular (and New Years band!) The Easy Leaves. Earstu, CM3, Hannah Jern-Miller, and many others have really made weekends great at the Tavern. In addition, Kosuke and John have managed to keep the tables rockin, and we love them for it.
Grease Trap. The grease trap incident of 2009 will forever hang in our heads as an example of stubborn folly to save money. A 1000+ gallon grease trap outside of the building needs to periodically be serviced (read emptied). Former restaurants have not been diligent in doing so, which was not apparent until we looked inside, and decided we'd give it a go ourselves. Dressed like nuclear technicians about to rotate uranium rods, we tried a homemade rig of shovels and buckets.



Not so much.

Our grease trap has been professionally emptied. That's all I shall recount at this time.
Taxes. It seems that every time you do anything as a business owner, there is some way that some governmental body wants a very large piece of it. I have a JD and a BA in business, and have never heard of half of the types of tax we continually pay so that, I assume, the governator can afford a matching set of rolex back scratchers.
Hockey. There are, amazingly, Sharks fans in Sonoma county. Many of them converge on my business weekly and enjoy the game with us. Go Sharks!
And very importantly, our parents. We would not be where we are without their love and support. We do miss going home for holidays.

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