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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Obama chooses fake beer.

In the widely publicized meeting between Henry Louis Gates, and Sgt. Crowley due to some unpleasantness at Cambridge, Obama offered up some brews to settle everyone down and have a conversation. Unbelievably, as the leader of the greatest brewing country in the world, the Obamanator chooses.... bud light?

Are you @#$ing me?

I'm less concerned that it's not technically American, as I am that it's not even technically beer, what with rice adjuncting, crappy 4 row malt, and hardly a trace of (high alpha, low flavor) hops. What a let down! I mean, Sam Adams is brewed just a few hours away, and is named after... Samuel Freaking Adams!

I might have to vote independent next election.

Or start a beer party.

Speaking of beer parties, stay tuned for our Second Annual Oktoberfest!!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

i wondered what beer they drank. well, at least it wasn't an Mic Ultra or MGD 64. But yeah..a fat Guiness or a local brew from there in DC. Shoot- the Brickskeller down a few blocks on Mass Ave has a huge huge selection of brews.
-but whatever. It was a novel gesture.