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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Farmer's Markets, Live Music, Menu Changes, New Chefs, and Lots of Beer

In our continuing effort to remain the only establishment necessary for going out to eat, I have an entire wheelbarrow full of fun, exciting, and also rad announcements-

1. Farmer's Market: You may not know this, but Occidental has a Friday Farmer's Market, right in the street, every Friday starting this Friday. What's really sweet is that it's an evening thing, because who in the name of popcorn balls wants to get up at 7:00AM to buy crafts, eat sausages, and drink beer? Wait. What? Okay.

So for nearly a century, and by a century, I mean 6 months, I've had these big plans to serve beer at the Farmer's market. It starts at 4:00pm, it's hot, there's live music, and lots of great food. Seems a cold brew would be just the thing! So we check with the ABC's website, which has an event form for only 25 bucks to allow me to sell beer outdoors! I count on this, and tell EVERYONE, including the president, my cat, and Santa, that we will be selling beer there. I'm all ready to build a jockey box, (which is neither a box, nor a vessel for holding jockeys) for dispensing beer, and getting small kegs lined up. Turns out that this form is only good for NON-PROFITS. I didn't know this, because it doesn't say so anywhere on the form(!).

Our hopes are dashed, we return home, tails between legs, crying, arms outstretched skyward, periodically wailing in agony that we've been forsaken by all creatures, big and small, and are in an eternal hell which we've wrought, unwittingly, and which lays waste to all that is good and true; the harbinger of destruction and chaos, bringer of ill-being, and...
Well it sucked. Nonetheless, we will probably sell our world-famous soft pretzels, and grill sausages, and eventually do some draft (root) BEER. So come out every Friday at 4:00 for a great time, and get your beer across the street, at BH Tav, because the ABC doesn't want you to have any fun. They hate fun. And kittens. Yeah. The ABC hates kittens.

2. Live Music. This entire month will be music-tastic (take that Shakespeare). We have a band playing every Saturday evening, so don't miss, check calendar for details. Do you know someone who is in a really rad band, that rules? Send me a link or a sample. We pay in beer and food. No covers. Because ASCAP also sucks (see earlier blog).

3. Menu Changes. By this time tomorrow, we will be unveiling our new menu. Unveiling is sort of an odd term, because it implies that things walk around in veils all the time. Who or what besides a bride is veiled? Weird. Anyway, we have this meatball sando which will blow your mind. It's really good, mainly because it has meatballs, which are really good. We make them. If you have a restaurant with meatballs and you don't hand-make them with love, then you should go jump off something. Nothing too high, I don't want anyone getting badly hurt, but high enough that you think twice about using fake meatballs. Also, our new Chef, Mike has brought his culinary educated, bad-ass self into the mix, and we have some spectacu-licious new desserts, seasonal specialties, and other assorted deliciousness. Check out the new menu tomorrow. It's still affordable down-right cheap, homemade, and rad.

4. Last and most importantly, we have a plethora, a cornucopia, SEVERAL! new beers. Wait to you check out Little Sumpin' by perennial fave Lagunitas, Sierra Summerfest on draft, Racer 5 now on draft, La Chouffe ... ahhh which brings me to:

Very often, I'm asked "Kind Sir, might I purchase this article of glassware, that I may bring it home and enjoy beer properly whilst not present at your Tavern?" to which I universally reply "No. And don't steal it, 'neither, see?" Then I punch the person square in the nose for talking how I imagine the Monopoly guy with the monocle sounds. BUT NOW, for a mere 4 bucks (with beer purchase, wise-guy) you can take home the fancy Belgian glass from which you tip your tipple. This month: La Chouffe, a fantastic Belgian Blonde.
Stay tuned for the menu update tomorrow.

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