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Monday, May 04, 2009

Don't you love your mother?

If you did, you'd take her to the pub. I mean, if you hate her, and don't care if she's happy on Mother's Day, you could go ahead and take her somewhere else, like applebees or restaurants that aren't Barley and Hops tavern. But, on the other hand, if you actually want her to enjoy herself... be a good boy. 707-874-9037. Make a reservation.

We'll be doing our full menu, and some special specials. Which is why they're called specials. If they weren't, we'd call them mundanes, and they'd be made from things like melba toast and condensed soup. But they aren't, and they're not.

Crab bisque from FRESH dungeoness crabs (yeah, fresh. We're THAT close to the ocean). Three types of quiche. Yeah. That's right. THREE. Which is way better than two. One of them is even vegetarian, in case you hate the food chain, and the circle of life. Or if you're like me, and just like vegetables a lot. One of the quiches has bacon. It's not the vegetarian one. Vegetarians don't eat bacon, except when nobody is looking.

Make your reservation early. We'll get packed. 11am-9pm.

1 comment:

Cherry said...

Mmmm Special special bacon.
Hope you guys had a rockin Mom's day!