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Thursday, April 23, 2009


This one is going to be very slick. This Saturday was going to be musicless due to a scheduling hole, but Lucky stepped in at the last minute get a show rocking. Check him out at I wouldn't pidgin-hole him into one category, so give it a listen yourself. The show will go on in the evening, probably around 8:00PM. Don't miss this show.

From Lucky's myspace:

Otis, the "Grandson of Rhythm & Blues", is a true L. A. native... hailing from a musical family, he was born & raised in the heart of the black community. Having been heavily exposed to African-American roots & culture much like his father, star child prodigy / guitar super-hero Shuggie Otis ("Strawberry Letter 23"), and his grandfather, legendary R & B pioneer / Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Johnny Otis ("Willie & the Hand Jive"), Lucky realized his passion for music & began his studies at an early age. In addition to singing & playing a vast multitude of various instruments, he has also remained highly active in the composing, arranging, & recording of his own original material since the start of his already lengthy career.

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Anonymous said...

This is wild! Lucky's VOICE will knock you out.