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Monday, March 09, 2009

St. Patty's Day (Yes, we're opened)

I'm aware that updates have become less frequent of late. This is mainly due to the fact that, as it turns out, taxes and accounting are not simple for brand-new restaurants. The amount of data that must be collected, categorized, collated, and continuously counted is astounding. While accounting is a less than facinating blog subject, St. Patrick's day is just the sort of thing one would expect to see the tavernkeep posting about.

Right off the bat, I hate green dyed beer, and so should you. Here's a quote from MSNBC. Brew lovers know Thomas Dalldorf well:

“The worst thing we've done about St. Paddy's Day is to put green food coloring in bad beer,” laments Thomas Dalldorf, editor and publisher of Celebrator Beer News. “The Irish think we're absolutely foolish for doing that.”

And he's right. Not only does it wreak havoc on a draft system, it's tacky and unforgivable. If the pub you're at puts food coloring in the beer, you are at the wrong pub. Luckily, this practice has fallen out of favor somewhat, as good Irish beer other than Guinness (which is also good), has become more readily available.

I'll be showcasing some special Irish beers for comparing and contrasting, and for enjoying with our St. Patty's menu, which will be revealed later. While green beer is non-Irish and tacky, corned beef  is non-Irish, and innovative. In the 1800's Irish and Jewish immigrants lived near eachother in New York. Irish bacon, traditionally served with cabbage back in Ireland, was totally unavailable. The Irish immigrants discovered that corned beef, which is basically brisket brined with saltpeter (which is why it stays red) makes a very tasty substitute, and the rest is history. While not eaten in Ireland, it's eaten by Irish-Americans and Jews alike. This is pretty cool, and by cool I mean delicious. We'll have plenty to go around.

So, even though we're not opened on Tuesdays, we are opened on St. Patty's starting at NOON! Come EARLY to get a good seat. Live music at around 8:00PM, Good music throughout the day. No cover. Special Irish beer.

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