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Friday, February 13, 2009

Beholden to bad weather

When it rains, it doesn't necessarily pour. Apparently, Occidental isn't as much seasonal is it is weather-a-nal. On rainy days (which, I'm told, are desperately needed ecologically), about 1/4 as many people come out. Come weather the weather to your favorite pub - which I assume is our pub, because it's better than other pubs - and hang out. It's rainy out, but it's warm and toasty inside, with hearty food, good conversation, and a game on the big screen.

Valentine's Day is here... almost! It's your last chance to make reservations for you and your sweetie. BH Tav won't break the bank, but we have a great menu including steaks, dungeness crab cakes, grilled salmon, and some very special beer. Call for a reservation today. And don't miss our Kaluha Cheesecake!


Anonymous said...

Noah - excellent blog update (as we expect from you LOL).. You're right about how the rain makes our fellow beer nerds less thirsty! I tell you, it's A Man's Work to leave all the beer drinking to me ALONE but someone has to do it.. might as well be me haha
hey I read over the Valentine's Day menu (kudos to mirjam's graphics work!)... looks DELICIOUS... I'm DOWN!
Cheers, Eric

Kristy said...

is it too late to make reservations?

phoebe said...

Hey Noah, I just blogged about what a great time Blue Rabbit had at your lovely establishment - on a very wet and rainy day! Thought it was fitting to this post...Thank you so much for hosting a grand time. We are looking very forward to our return! Cheers and here you go:

- Heather (phoebe = alterego) :-)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, do you guys have wifi at the pub that people can use while they're there (eating and drinking of course)?