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Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Menu Items!

Check out our new menu items! You can download a copy of our most recent menu on the left side of this page.

We made a trek to Sonoma Sausage company, in search of sausages. Because going to a sausage company for just about any other reason, such as stargazing or perhaps for size 42 pants would be completely inappropriate. Oddly enough, SONOMA sausage company is located in NAPA. Not even on the border, but squarely, or perhaps triangularily, within Napa. Regardless, we sampled several somewhat savory sausages. Our prior experience with SSC has been positive; they were our source for Oktoberfest sausages, which were very good, by which I mean tasty. We've decided to bring in the Hawaiian-Portuguese sausage, which doesn't have pineapple, but is good. Odd that anything with the Hawaiian appelation must automatically contain pineapple. As if that's all they do in Hawaii - eat pineapples, roast pigs, and hula dance. It's insulting. I mean, they also wear coconut bikinis, construct tikis, and cook spam.

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