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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today's continuation of yesterday's post.

When we last left our heroes, they were headed off to the Featherbed Railroad, and you, the viewer, were asking what precisely the hell is a Featherbed Railroad...

Situated in (technically near) Nice, California (it is nice there, but it's pronounced like "niece", lies a quaint bed and breakfast known as the Featherbed Railroad. Recently under new ownership, Thanksgiving was actually our second visit. The B+B consists of your choice of nine original cabooses, with converted fairly luxurious interiors. Each caboose has a different theme, and is decorated accordingly (Orient Express, Mint Julep, etc...) and most have a Jacuzzi inside. I don't mean a "Jacuzzi tub" but a full blown hot tub takes up about a third of the interior, and sits at the foot of the bed, and doubles as the shower (the faucet detatches from the tub and acts as a hand-held shower sprinkler). With no curtain or privacy whatsoever. Really. So whomever you decided to B+B with will be treated to an eyefull of you trying to bathe in the center of the room. Good thing the windows have shades.

Each caboose is also situated on it's own individual short length of track. From the outside, it looks like a caboose museum situated in a sort of garden.

For Thanksgiving, the new owners put on a (complimentary!) full spread for all of the guests, as well as their own family members. The food was great (though I think I need to send my cranberry sauce recipe along... sliced CANberry sauce is evil). Especially the cajun turkey, which was really yum.

Having a day off on occasion is critical to our sanity. Our little 2 day Thanksgiving break really picked us up and we were ready to rock when we got back. Any would-be restaurant owners who regularly read my blog should take away the importance of scheduling the occasional time off. I don't mean that day per week where you aren't at work, but work all day anyway - I mean actual time off.

Which brings me to our big New Years party.

People have a lot of options for New Years Eve. I've seen a lot of parties which cost upwards of 100$ per person, not including transportation, etc... We at the Tavern, ever cognizant of the current financial state, especially after holiday shopping, are doing something different. The Andy T Band featuring Hash Brown will be playing (I'll personally be drumming) - NO COVER CHARGE. That's right, just bring yourself and have a great time! We'll have some special holiday beer, champagne, aforementioned live music, and some really special holiday lamb shanks, in addition to our regular menu. We'll be serving food till late, and partying all night! We look forward to seeing you there.

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