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Monday, November 10, 2008

More Live Music, and of course, football! and Pie. mmm. Pie.

Today, 49ers @ Cardinals. Come see SF battle the oldest football team in the US, bar specials include 75 cent organic wings, and, of course, $2.50 select drafts and bottles. On Thursday we will be featuring our own Rachael Farinelli, live on accoustic, and on Friday, Jen Tucker will be back to rock the house again. If you or your band would like to play at Barley and Hops, we pay in food, beer, and tips. Send us a sample and your schedule.

Also, we now have special glassware for St. Peters beers. Because Saint Peter wouldn't want to drink beer from a pedestrian tumbler. Right now, we're pouring 500ml bottles of St. Peter's old-style porter. As with traditional porters, it blends old and new batches. Malty and delicious for the winter time. Well balanced.

Lastly, but not leastly, make sure to save room for pie! piepiepiepiepiepie. Pie.



We make our own all-butter crust. A different pie each week. Well, more than one pie. We sell a pie in about a day. But a different variety. You understand. And if not, you're probably kind of dim. But all is not lost; dim people enjoy pie as well. This week is boysenberry-peach.

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