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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All chook up.

You know you're in business when your name and title are emblazoned upon a small rectangle of paper.

Yesterday, Mir printed out the first batch of business cards, and they look perf. Double-sided, vertical; they're grabby. And not in the way that Old Man McCloskey is grabby. They're good-grabby.

We've hired a chook. Chook is a word I've invented to describe a chef which I can't afford to pay enough (yet), and is therefore a cook (but really a chef). Her name is... not telling, because we're finalizing the business today. The business involves signing, notarizing, shaking hands, playing golf, payoffs, the mob, and those clicky-ball things that executives keep on their mahogany desk. After the business is in hand, I shall properly post her chook-ography on here, your humble narrator's digital dwelling. What I can say is that she's talented and funny.

In addition, I've finally attached splunker. splunker is a potato-press. It's a gadget that attaches to the wall so you can drop in a potato and instantly turn it into proper fries, or chips if you're from some wierd place like Europe or Hollywood, or if you're eating fried fish, which always transforms fries into chips. Who has ever eaten Fish 'n' Fries? Nobody, that's who.

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