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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tables woes and finally, a quick rest

Epoxy resin, or "glaze coat" is this super heavy thick goop that they coat bars with, and embed things into other things (like photos into a table). We decided to use it on our tables which we did the copper finish on, in order to provide a bomb-proof finish to protect it from all of you messy eaters. Luckily, it cleans up with acetone. Unfortunately, it turns out that it's extraordinarily hard to work smooth over a large surface. You have to pour it on, and then spatula it smooth- sort of like frosting a cake, but only if you decided to use cold molasses mixed with honey to frost the cake with. Which might actually taste good.

Then you get to hit it with a MAPP torch to remove the bubbles. That part is fun.

Then they come out all wavy and crazy-like, and you aren't sure what to do, except curl into a fetal position and cry, because you've just spent days doing it.

Well, the solution is finally at hand. I sanded them down a bit to remove the waves, then went to finer grit to smooth the sanding and give it a nice satin finish. Then buff it out with a mix of oil and paste wax. The results will be posted later, as we have to get an orbital buffer to do the job properly. In any case, we are much happier with the new look, and can move on to more fun things, like finally removing the plastic from the floor, and having my 16 stools delivered, and having the POS terminals serviced, and the fire department in, and the gas turned on to the stoves, and...

So this weekend, my folks came up to check out the place. Dad had seen it in what I call "the before time", which will be funny to any Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) fans out there... so basically me. In the before time, the place had been left to its own devices for over a year, and was therefore filled with spiders and year old grease. Now, it's still plastic, but looking very nice (except the tables were still in wavy shiny mode, much to everyone's dismay).

We ate at Bistro Des Copains, a very cute little bistro in Occidental, and the only place in town we had yet to eat at. The owner is a really nice guy, and warmly welcomed us to town, (even though it's not a town, which you know if you read my blog, which you do). We had a nice dinner and some great wine, and then my folks (Mom, Dad, Gram) stayed at the Inn at Occidental, a cute B+B that is very convenient, very quaint, and has amazing rooms.

The other reason they came up is that dad is a blues musician and was playing at Biscuits and Blues, a great blues club in SF, with blues legend Philip Walker.

It was a great show, and they do have good food, but probably too expensive by double. Thing is, you can charge an arm and a leg for food and beer at a club when there is music, especially in the city. We won't be doing that. Occidental has made it very clear that they want great food at a good value, not city prices for country food.

While overnight in SF, we stayed at hotel Monaco. This is probably my favorite hotel on the planet. Every room is different and decorated with crazy stripes, huge round mirrors, and all sorts of other creative creativities. The best part is that they'll bring you a goldfish in a fishbowl, and take care of it. A little pet when you're away from home. Last time, our fish was Sparky. Sparky was a good fish- he used to go "blub" and then we'd talk about particle physics. This time, we got Fat. Yep, his name was Fat. He really isn't that fat of a fish, but I'm not an expert on fish naming conventions. I've also never been to a fish naming convention, but I imagine they are rather dull after the keynote speech.

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