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Monday, May 12, 2008

Lacquered Poly Ura-crylic Varnish Stain.

Talking about wood treatment is like talking politics. There are so many products, and every wood-be (see what I did there?) expert opines exuberantly. I had settled on lacquer (see my earlier post) mainly because of the extremely fast dry time. Without getting into the mundane specifics of it, I've jumped ship and swam out to polyurethane island, because the stuff goes on so easily, buffs out readily, and actually smells kinda good. For the outside wood, I'll be using spar varnish (the stuff they use on boats).

The detail work is endless. All of the little things that make the whole grand take time and patience, both of which I lack. Luckily, Mir is patient and has her tiny artist brushes out to cover up any flaws that her husband makes with his big paws.

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