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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Crowned by Occidental Hardware

Ahhh the wonders of living in a small town CDP. The very rough texture has made it impossible to cut a nice paint line where the wall meets the ceiling. We've therefore settled on crown molding. I do not currently own a compound miter saw, so I walked into Occidental Hardware, the best hardware store in all of Occidental. The owner's son checked out the place, and has agreed to do the work for me at a very fair price, and even haul the material up. They are going to get square stock and rout a fillet (a rounded concave corner) to make it look nice. In 15 minutes I had the idea, the measurements, the price and was ready to go- all without setting foot in my car. Try doing that with home depot.

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Sigmond Twayne said...

Tisha Barley Hops around from
behind the bar to the dining tables with quick care that
is always there. We love the food,
the eclectic Bohemian beer menu,
the old world ambience, the
guest D.J.s and the intriguing
and sometimes eccentric patrons.

The Abbott herself is a charismatically foxy hostess
who caught my eye and my admiration