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Monday, April 07, 2008

Succeeding in not failing.

It costs exactly 3,527,831.27 to start a restaurant properly. Not having the requisite funding, we've started one improperly.

The inevitable response to "we're opening a restaurant" is "oh, you're crazy, as all restaurants inevitably fail without the requisite 3,527,831.27 ". Interestingly, this anathema; this pox on all restaurants seems only to exist with respect to restaurants which are no longer opened.

Is it the food? The atmosphere? Is it the "Location, Location, Location"? What we've done to mitigate the trials of new restaurant ownership is many-fold, which I've summarized in my brain, in order to blog on them in my upcoming miniseries: "Stuff to do, and not to do, when starting the perfect Tavern in Occidental, CA".

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