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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Snarky screws

Have you ever seen a Robertson screw? It's an obscure type of screw drive type used mainly in Canada; it's a square. Do you have any Robertson bits for your drill? Me neither. Which is why I had to use my multidriver (one of those hardware store screwdrivers with about 16 bits onboard) to turn out these ENDLESS screws to remove the bathroom fixtures for priming.

Our color scheme is also getting firmed up. We've abandoned burgundy because it was overwhelming the room with large amounts of trim. Instead, we've settled on a smokey blue. Introducing a cool color into a warm palette may be counter-intuitive (to those with absolutely no vision!) but, it looks just swell. It pops without adding more richness, in a stone, slate sorta way. I really love this color.

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