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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Dust Settles

Renovation work is grueling. We've put in 10-12 hours per day getting Barley and Hops in shape.

In its former glory, Barley and Hops tavern was a quaint bistro known as Pignoli. Very heavy texturework adorned every wall, and most of the wonderful cedar and redwood was covered in many layers of paint, from the various establishments which have inhabited the restaurant previously.

We've decided to sand down the texture using my (new) collection of power-sanders, ranging from finishers, to my big-ole skil belt sander. This task has (mercifully) come to its conclusion, as has the even more arduous one -- stripping the multiple layers of paint off the gorgeous wood staircase, doorframes, and beamwork. This caused a lot of cleanup work (days' worth) and we are now finishing the sandwork on the wood, so that we can oil and laquer it. We've also finished the mudwork (joint compound) on the walls for a much simpler and more tavern-y texture.

We've chosen a very pub pallate of "indian ink" for the wainscoting, and "oak cask" for the walls, to give a warm, inviting feeling. There may also be burgundy accents.

With the dust settled, I can finally put down the very heavy belt sander (lifted skyward with one hand, like atlas on a small scale) and respirator (don't want whitelung) for the simpler dremel for the finish work.

Still left to do, renovation-wise:

Finishing sanding
Lacquer and basecoat for the wood
Primer and paint for the walls
Re-covering the banquette; unfortunate, but necessary

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